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On the day...

Sturminster Newton High School is located on the B3092 to Gillingham, and has ample parking and disabled access. Here is a map with photos.


Saturdays: Choir only - 14:00 (registration) finishing by 19:30

Sundays:   Orchestra -  10:00 (registration) finishing by 17:30

                 Choir join the orchestra at 10:45

Please bring a pencil and a rubber. The Choir and Orchestra pages have full details of music availability.

The reception room is on your left as you enter. Our friendly committee members will be there to welcome and assist you.

In the adjacent Hall, there are usually two rows of chairs for the choir.  Altos are at the far end nearest the stage, then Basses then Tenors.  Sopranos are at the end nearer the entrance.  

The Sunday of the May weekend features a Bring & Share Lunch. Plates and cutlery are provided. Each member brings finger food or drink to share. Please bring a cool pack to keep food chilled - there's no fridge space!

On other days we bring our own food and drink. There is a small kitchen with kettle, but you will need to bring your own ingredients! There are tea breaks as well as a lunch hour.

When we finish on Sunday, do please help, if you are able, to put chairs in piles of eight. Chairs are stacked in the main body of the Hall.


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