All members should complete and return the Membership and Consent Form:

Please contact Secretary Elizabeth Gowers if you would like to take part in an event.


The charge for singers is £25 per weekend. Alternatively, an annual subscription of £65 (normally payable in October) covers all three weekends. There is no charge for students.


Download free of charge and print: see below.

Borrow a hired copy - but only when the librarian has them available.

Purchase your own: Breitkopf edition is preferred. Allow good time! 

If Chris Brown produces his own edition of a work, it will be available for sale at the weekend.



Free vocal scores with piano from:


Tip: Avoid the BGA scores. They are an important historical source - but very hard to read with unusual clefs!


If you have a problem with downloading or printing, contact us for help.



High quality historically informed performances are on YouTube, with interpretations by Herreweghe, J.E. Gardiner, Koopman, J.S. Bach Foundation and others. Simply search for the BWV number, e.g. "BWV 21"

The Club has CD recordings of the cantatas for hire, @ £1.50 per CD. 


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