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Bach Cantatas Website Extensive reference site with archived discussions      


J.S. Bach Foundation (Bach-Stiftung) A 25 year project to perform all cantatas on period instruments, with international soloists. Performances with subtitled introductory talks.

All of Bach The Netherlands Bach Society have also embarked on a project to record all cantatas, with period instruments. Beautiful sound quality.

The Cantatas of JS Bach Cantatas grouped by period; analysed in depth with music examples

Bach Digital Library (in English) Search for any work by the Bach family. Cantata libretti are given in German.


Bach-Archiv Leipzig (in English) The centre of Bach research, including the Digital Library


Bach Chorales They are all here, with contextual information and research articles


London Bach Society   


Bournemouth Bach Choir

Christopher Brown, our Resident Conductor



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