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The Concert Band

Both the Military and Concert Bands comprise brass, woodwind and percussion. One difference is that players in the Concert Band sit down to perform - but we are also able to provide a small marching band for public events.


There is a classical repertoire of transcriptions from orchestral pieces and works specially written for band by composers such as Holst, Vaughan Williams and Grainger. There is a strong association with military music and the "concert march" is a cornerstone of the repertoire.


Light classics such as opera and show overtures are plentiful, and popular with audiences. Film scores, latin and popuar favourites have been extensively arranged for band. The rhythmic, colourful blend of brass, percussion and woodwind inspires contemporary composers, and there is an adventurous and challenging modern repertoire!


Examples from our extensive library:



  • Jubilee Overture - Philip Sparke

  • Miss Saigon

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

  • Clarinet Candy - Leroy Anderson

  • Queen Greatest Hits

  • The Blues Brothers Revue

  • Hymn to the Fallen - John Williams

  • Fantasia on British Sea Songs - Henry Wood

  • Suites for Military Band - Gustav Holst

  • The Old Grumbly Bear (solo bassoon)





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